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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Why are you referred to as Mr. Simplicity?

My consistent theme over many years is to make finance & accounting simple to understand and apply for non-financial professionals. My goal is to replace the many myths these professionals have about finance & accounting with real world meaning that is simple to understand. My Simplicity reminds all that simplicity is the key to all of my presentations.




 02  Why the focus on Webinars?

Today’s fast paced world of instant information and communication has placed a premium on the delivery of meaningful content in a 50-75 minute window.  This is want the public demands and we make every attempt to meet those demands with our Webinars Worth Watching which can all be delivered in this premium time window demanded by the public.




 03  How are your Webinars different from others?

The focus is on simple input delivered in an engaging manner with a lot of attendee involvement to reinforce learning points. I guarantee satisfaction and will provide 30 minutes of post webinar consultation to ensure all points are well understood and can be applied to achieve desired result.




 04  Do you offer discounts and promotions?

Webinars currently offered with new pricing & updated input



 05  Do you really make the finance & accounting content simple?

Yes, check some of the comments from attendees in Raves to get an idea. I also offer a money back guarantee if you and for some reason not satisfied with the content or presentation.

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