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Mr. Simplicity

I Promise To Provide:

  • Finance Webinars On Demand tailored to your needs

  • A simplified approach to all content with COVID-19 concerns & challenges

  • A base of knowledge for non-financial professionals

  • Enhanced refresher for financial professionals

  • Great value in return for your investment

  • Meet or exceed your expectations


Mr. Simplicity
  • Former CFO $275M High Growth Company
  • Former CEO Manufacturing Company
  • Over 25 years teaching & training experience in Finance Accounting & Business Management 
  • Expert & Experienced in Distance Learning via Webinar Platform
  • Conducted over 1,000 finance Webinars for national & international audiences
Finance & Accounting Made Simple is my brand & belief! 
Finance & Accounting are simple if made simple!
I guarantee to make to simple!

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 Presentations are:
  •  On demand & tailored to schedule & timing of attendees
  • Rich in content with attractive PowerPoint presentations
  • Lively, full of energy 
  • Full of wit, wisdom, anecdotes & stories to make lasting learning points
Carl In Action
More About Carl:
  • Author of Carl Young's Rules of the Business Game-It's All About People!
  • Author of Handbook Small Business Management Made Simple & several other Business & Finance Mini Books
  • Life time California credential to teach Business & Industrial Management
  • Member Council of Experts:Investment firm Gerson & Lehrman. Recepient of Scholar award for top 20% based on customer satisfaction
  • Member Society of Industry Leaders sponsored by Standarrd & Poors
  • Member American Society of Corporate Controllers & National Association of Accountants
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