Finance & Accounting 101- Simplified: Three Webinars in One! - $199.00

Three (3) separate webinars are combined into one 90 minute webinar of composite tools & techniques to provide a comprehensive understanding of finance & accounting in simple to understand and apply tools & techniques.

Key Features:

Making of Financial Statements:

  • Transforming transactions to statements

  • Interactive exercises to illustrate accounting process

  • Overview of entire accounting process in simple to understand  steps

Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements

  • Overview of three required financial statements

    • Balance Sheet

    • Income Statement

    • Cash Flow Statement

  • Key positive elements & red flags

  • Using statements as the basis for key business decisions

Key Business Ratios as the road to profits & productivity

  • Five categories of essential ratios

  • Calculating ratios from their financial statement source

  • Understanding how to use ratios to make key financial decisions.


Understanding Financial Statements Simplified- $149.00


Key Features:

  • Improves understanding and ability to analyze financial statements

  • Simple tools & techniques for understanding & analyzing financial statements

  • Includes Balance Sheet, Income statement & Cash Flow

  • Basic Concepts & principles explored in easy to understand language

  • Sample Financial Statements provided

  • Positive & Negative signs of each outlined

  • Statement warning signs: Red Flags

  • Use in business decisions

  • A must of all business professionals that manage resources


Payroll Rules & Administration Simplified - $119 (Introductory Price - Limited Time)


Key Features:

  • Proper classification of workers as contractors or employees

  • Proper classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt under new rules

  • Importance of job description in implementation of new rules

  • Proper implementation of FLSA rules

  • Proper payment of exempt and non-exempt under FLSA rules

  • Achieving perfection and prevention consistent with the implementation of FLSA rules The overall goal of perfection and prevention in payroll administration

  • Identifying workers as contractors vs. employees

  • Identifying employees as exempt from overtime using FLSA rules in the categories of

    • Executive

    • Administration

    • Professional

  • Salary and duties test under FLSA for exempt employees

  • The value of the job description and its proper preparation

  • Consideration of record keeping, accounting & reporting, policies & procedures

  • Proper payment to newly classified exempt and those that by default fall to the non-exempt category

  • How to handle non-discretionary bonuses consistent with paying overtime and the new overtime rules

  • Achieving perfection & prevention in payroll consistent with new rules

  • New Overtime rules are being proposed

  • Involves possible reclassification of employees from exempt to non-exempt based on the salary threshold

  • Companies must understand and implement these new rules

  • This Webinar covers a review & implementation of these new rules

New Ways to Plan & Budget Simplified - $149.00


Key Features:

  • Why rolling forecasts are critical in today’s turbulent and constantly changing environment

  • The five core components of rolling forecasts with simple explanations and exercise to reinforce the learning points

  • Six Step approach to using Rolling Forecast Model & Example

  • Converting from planning to budgeting with Budget to Actual Model & Example

  • The use of key business drivers and cash to influence and impact the future

  • The role and use of technology in rolling forecasts

  • How to use “What If” analogies to validate rolling forecasts

  • How to focus on future possibilities rather than past events to manage resources

  • How to move from data based budgeting to driver passed forecasting as the foundation for resource allocation and utilization

Controller Challenges in Changing Times - $149.00


Key Features:

  • Controller as strategic partner participating in all business activities

  • Running the company with the numbers not by the numbers

  • Become a Trusted Partner and Untrusting Official

  • Redefining Controller image to the soft side of business

  • Controller focus on leadership & relationship

  • Understand the role of relationships & leadership

  • Learn to provide information vs. reports

  • Preferred financial information


Small Business Management Simplified- $149.00


Key Features:

  • Business Plan: Blueprint for success and raising capital

  • Customer Service: Your competitive edge and opportunity to provide solutions and not just service.

  • Pleasing comes before pricing

  • Simple concepts of separating business and personal finances

  • Cost Control: Keys and cautions to cost control

  • The most essential component to business success!


Making of Financial Statements Simplified - $149.00

Key Features:

  • The overall connection of financial transactions to required statements of:

    • Balance Sheet

    • Income Statement

    • Cash Flow Statement

  • The basic framework of finance and accounting and the concepts and principles used to transform transactions

  • Components of each financial statement using sample statements

  • Generic type of transactions in every company

  • Simple comparison of business to personal financial statements

  • Simple meaning of finance and accounting

  • Simple meaning of cash vs. accrual accounting

  • Simple explanation of debits and credits with actual exercises to illustrate their application in transforming transactions to statements

  • Simple examples of accounts and how transactions are recorded using debits and credits with actual attendee exercises and sample transactions

  • Simple explanation of double entry accounting and why it is key to the process of accounting accuracy


Understanding Financial Ratios Simplified - $149.00


Key Features:

  • Deep dive into relevant financial ratios to understand and apply in planning & decision making

  • Must understand & master both for full meaning

  • Financial Statements provide Results

  • Convert Results to Ratios for Meaning

  • Understand five categories of ratios

  • Includes calculations & use in planning budgeting & business decisions

  • Learn how to improve profits & productivity through ratios

  • Help manage resources through ratios

  • Ratios vs Cash in business decisions


Guaranteed RULES of Business Success Simplified - $149.00

I guarantee you will learn to win in business through the utilization and application of these rules.

Key Features:

  • Business Plan: Blueprint for success and raising capital

  • Customer Service: Your competitive edge and opportunity to provide solutions and not just service.

  • Pleasing comes before pricing

  • Simple concepts of separating business and personal finances

  • Cost Control: Keys and cautions to cost control

  • The most essential component to business success!

Accounts Payable in a Paperless Environment - $119.00 (Introductory Price - Limited Time)

Key Features

  • We operate in a paperless environment with multiple technology platforms

  • We do not maximize the two in routine processes

  • Companies continuously face the challenge of improving profits in periods of static revenue & increasing stakeholder demands for greater profit

  • The best path to profits in the reduce costs through process analysis of administrative functions

  • Accounts Payables is a prime function automate and reduce cost in processing invoices & checks

  • This Webinar looks at Accounts Payables as a strategic initiative to improve profits & productivity

  • It covers a comprehensive of Accounts Payables focused on total process oriented automation

  • A Five Step Selection Solution is provided to guide you though the review & selection of systems  to fit your needs

  • A must for Financial Professionals challenged to automate internal systems e.g. Accounts Payables while improving profits & productivity

  • You will learn how to convert Accounts Payables to a strategic initiative rather than an administrative, hands on , time consuming, expensive process


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