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Training -Consulting- Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

  • Company specific finance & accounting training

  • All Finance Webinars on Demand can be delivered to in house audience

  • Fight Inflation by optimizing working capital with advanced technology

  • Finance & Accounting Systems including COVID-19  concerns & challenges

  • Planning & Budgeting in a COVID-19 turbulent environment using Rolling Forecasts

  • Control of Expenses & Cash by uniting accounts payable & receivable with technology

  • Prevent fraud, waste & misuse accelerated by COVID-19

  • Automate to Activate quick efficient accounting close in 3 days vs usual 5-15 days

  • Inventory Management to improve profits

  • Payroll Administration including new DOL rules on employee classification & overtime

  • Finance & Accounting Organization & Management

  • Finance & Accounting Policies & Procedures

  • Accounting Controls Best Practices in a paperless environment

Services provided on-call or virtual

Reasonable rates specific to services provided

15 minute free needs assessment consultation

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