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  • Carl Young


Updated: Apr 21, 2022

This webinar explores the new wave of Rolling Forecast compared to traditional budgeting and includes a six step excel platform approach with a two step tool to migrate forecasts to a functional budgeting system.

The current technology driven turbulent business environment presents many challenges to business managers. One primary challenge is the ability to predict and plan for the future which is unexpectedly unpredictable. Changes are constant . Companies struggle constantly to find ways to plan and manage resources and find ways to thrive and survive in this turbulent business environment. Traditional budgeting has been overtaken by these constantly changing events and is currently outdated and irrelevant.

Rolling Forecasts are the wave of the future and are rapidly replacing traditional budgeting. The key to Rolling Forecasts is to focus on the impact of Key Business Drivers on the future of the company. Our Webinar on Rolling Forecasts provides a good working knowledge foundation for implementing Rolling Forecasts in your company.

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