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Finance & Accounting Simplified: Three Webinars in One

All business professionals need to understand the “numbers” and develop an ability to properly manage and control resources.

This grand bargain provides basic finance & accounting knowledge specifically suited for non-financial professionals. Provides as essential refresher course for financial professionals.

This is three Webinars in one:

  1. Making of Financial Statements-Transforming transactions to statements. An overview of the entire accounting process with attendee user exercises

  2. Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements-overview of the three required financial statements Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow. Includes positive and negative signs of financial health and seeing a company through the eyes of its financial statements

  3. Ratios the path to Profits & Productivity-Essential financial ratios and trends to determine the reasons and meaning behind statements and how to use ratios to improve profits & productivity.

Features simple to understand and apply tools, techniques, methods , models, samples & solution.

Basic Theme- Finance & Accounting Made Simple! I guarantee to make it simple!

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